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Swank Capital | Differentiation 

Why Serious MLP Investors Use Swank Capital

Swank Capital offers the broadest range of MLP and other energy income investment options on the street.  The suite of investment products consists of mutual funds, closed-end funds, hedge funds, separately managed accounts and benchmark indices. Research, experience, and rigorous analysis are fundamental to Swank Capital’s asset management philosophy and are used in managing all client portfolios. The Cushing® Funds are designed for investors seeking professional investment management with rigorous risk management from one of the largest and most experienced dedicated energy income asset managers.

  • Our goal is to provide asset management that is agnostic to structure or product for both institutional and retail investors
  • Fundamental analysis is the cornerstone of Swank Capitals investment philosophy
  • $3.3 billion assets under management and strategically located in Dallas, TX, within 100 miles of every major MLP company
  • One of the largest dedicated research and portfolio management investment teams with senior management averaging over 23 years' experience

Key differentiators:

  • MLP and other energy income product asset management is our focus
  • Proven track record in stock selection
  • Detailed financial models of the companies in the MLP universe and other energy income investment universe
  • Depth and breadth of team and MLP product offerings