Swank Capital

Asset Management for the Serious MLP Investor

MLP asset management requires more than an understanding of the economics of investment.  A good manager knows the hard facts of the industry.  An exceptional manager comes to the task with a broader sense of the demands and possibilities.  

Grounded in Value, Positioned for Growth

Swank Capital offers the broadest range of MLP and other energy income investment options on the street. Managed by Swank Capital’s wholly-owned investment adviser subsidiary, Cushing® MLP Asset Management, the suite of investment products consists of open-end mutual funds, closed-end funds, private funds, separately managed accounts and benchmark indices. Research, experience, and rigorous analysis are fundamental to Swank Capital’s asset management philosophy and are used in managing all client portfolios. The Cushing® Funds are designed for investors seeking professional investment management with rigorous risk management from one of the largest and most experienced dedicated energy income asset managers.